About Copperhead AG

How We Deliver Greater Yields To American Farmers.

Furrow Cruiser by Copperhead AG

Copperhead Agricultural Products was founded in 2008 in South Dakota. It began, like so many things, as a meeting of minds.

Copperhead began as a discussion between Dave Terveen and Kevin Berg. Dave is a full-time farmer and business owner in South Dakota; Kevin grew up on a farm and is a mechanical engineer and machine shop owner. Talk between between the two led to a realization: crop yields could be dramatically and consistently improved by innovations in the way seeds are planted. Combining their visionary engineering and invaluable real-world experience, new products could be made that would allow farmers to manage and enhance their planting in unprecedented ways.

This simple idea of new approaches to common challenges led to the creation of the Furrow Cruiser spiked closing wheel, a direct replacement for the stock corn planter press wheel. This was followed by the Drill Cruiser, a drill closing wheel offering the same quality and innovation that made the Furrow Cruiser a critical and commercial success.

With these products and our commitment to ongoing quality and innovation, Copperhead Ag was formed. We've since expanded our range: we now offer a bracket for update of Case IH closing systems; planter arm conversion kits; and the Cruiser Extreme, a cast iron version of the Furrow Cruiser that offers durability beyond anything our competitors can offer.

At Copperhead we are making a long-term commitment not just to quality and innovation, but to American engineering and manufacturing. All of our products are manufactured with local American companies and all machine work is done by our workers in South Dakota. Everything we do is designed to deliver profitability and value to the great American farmer.

What else can we add? Fantastic customer service, ongoing product support, a large and ever expanding network of dealers and a real passion for American farming. Give us a call to talk about planting – we guarantee you’ll get tired before we do. Get in touch!