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OUR MISSION: To develop affordable
solutions to challenges facing
the modern farmer.

Copperhead Ag Products

Copperhead Agricultural Products, LLC was founded by Dave Terveen and Kevin Berg after the two discovered they had a unique combination of ideas and know-how. Dave is a full-time farmer and business owner in South Dakota; Kevin grew up on a farm and is a mechanical engineer and machine shop owner. Coffee-shop discussions of new ways to approach common challenges led to the creation of the Furrow Cruiser® spiked closing wheel, a direct replacement for the stock corn planter press wheel. With more innovative products in the works, Copperhead Ag was formed. We have since added a bracket for update of the Case IH closing system and a drill closing wheel, the Drill Cruiser.

Copperhead Ag Products strives to offer top quality products, great customer service and customer satisfaction. We are continually looking to offer products to farmers that are cost effective and aid in producing the best crops possible. With dealers nationwide, our network in agriculture products continues to grow.

2016 Farm Show Dates

How would you like to have a 4-12 bu/ac gain next year? Stop by our booth to see videos, hear testimonials or ask us any questions. We're ready to get you set up with innovative products to help maximize yield on your farm.

Greater Peoria Farm Show
Peoria, IL
November 29th-December 1st

Nebraska Power Farming Show(MPA:912)
Lincoln, NE
December 6th-8th

Conservation Tillage Conference
Fargo, ND
December 13th-14th

IN/IL Farm and Outdoor Equip. Show(172)
Indianapolis, IN
December 13th-15th